Posted on 15 Aug 2012
The use of domain namesThe Internet's domain name system or DNS for short allows users the preferred method of access to websites and other forms of information using an easier approach like domain names (e.g. rather than the all numeric IP addresses (e.g. assigned... (click here to read more)
Posted on 24 Jun 2012
Below is a list of all the 4-letter english words that are still available for registration for domain names. These domains will probably not last very long and even at the time of writing the list has already shrunk with some of them not being available anymore.Click here to register a... (click here to read more)
Posted on 03 Dec 2011
It is very important to secure a good domain name for your website. Unfortunately, most of the good names are already taken. It really has become increasingly harder to find a good domain name. For this reason, I've found the following steps a good starting point to brainstorming a good name:Open... (click here to read more)
Posted on 28 Nov 2011
If you see your password in the list below, please stop what you are doing and go change your password immediately.password12345612345678qwertyabc123monkey1234567letmeintrustno1dragonbaseball111111iloveyoumastersunshineashleybaileypasswOrdshadow123123 It's important to note that even though... (click here to read more)