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Domain Names

Who is Behind that Domain Name?

Sometimes it's enough to know if a domain name is taken or not. But for all the other times, there is whois! 

New Domain Extensions!

Your domain name is the first thing people see when they find your website. Your web address is the first impression about you or your organization.

Advantages of Registering a Domain Name For Longer Periods of Time

Most of our clients buy domain names for 1 year periods. The simple reason for this is that paying for 1 year is cheaper than paying for the maximum number of years most domain names can be registered for (i.e. 10 to 20 years).

So, what benefits are there to ordering a domain name for a longer period of time?

5 Tips for Picking the Best Domain Name

A domain name is possibly the first and most important aspect of taking your business online. Without one of your own it's almost impossible to build brand awareness, especially considering that a domain name is the online address of your business.

History of Domain Names

The use of domain names

The Internet's domain name system or DNS for short allows users the preferred method of access to websites and other forms of information using an easier approach like domain names (e.g. www.namhost.com) rather than the all numeric IP addresses (e.g. assigned to each computer on the Internet.

List of 4-letter .co.za domain names available (24 June 2012)

Below is a list of all the 4-letter english words that are still available for registration for .co.za domain names. These domains will probably not last very long and even at the time of writing the list has already shrunk with some of them not being available anymore.

How to quickly brainstorm a good domain name

It is very important to secure a good domain name for your website. Unfortunately, most of the good names are already taken. It really has become increasingly harder to find a good domain name. For this reason, I've found the following steps a good starting point to brainstorming a good name: