5 Tips for Picking the Best Domain Name

A domain name is possibly the first and most important aspect of taking your business online. Without one of your own it's almost impossible to build brand awareness, especially considering that a domain name is the online address of your business.

Consider the following as an example: bobsplumbing.roof-repairs.com. Associating your domain name with another could not only confuse your intended users but may even drive them away. Although some websites offer these sub domains for free, they may be more harmful than you first thought.

This maybe obvious to some. What not many people realize is that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a domain name and picking the right domain name is crucial for success online. Below is some ideas on making sure you get the best domain name.

1. Don't limit yourself geographically

If you have a plumbing company in Windhoek, registering windhoekplumbers.com might sound like a good idea but it could be bad for business if you plan to expand to other cities or countries. You would've been better off registering something like: bobsplumbing.com and then secure a few other key domains such as .co.za or .com.na when considering expanding to other countries.

2. Make it memorable

Indirectly that implies, make it short. Shorter is easier to remember, for example: bobsplumbing.com is easier to remember than bobplumbingANDwaterheaters.com.

It's also worth mentioning that spelling errors or mentioning it during conversation will leave people guessing.

3. Don't over-complicate it

Avoid hyphens, numbers or anything that could cause confusion. 4uSandwiches.com for example, would cause some confusion. Potential customers could type in foryou or 4you etc. You would be better off with something like, sandwichesthatrock.com.

4. Cover all your bases

If bobsplumbing.com is available, also consider registering .co.za, .com.na and other domain names with similar keywords or country extensions.

This insures you maximize you domains potential while targeting specific countries where your business is expanding too.

5. Misc

Always register your domain for the maximum period possible.

This will insure that search engines and possible investors know you're serious about taking your business online.

With all things considered, it remains clear that having your domain name is the best thing you can do for taking your business online. To see if the domain name you have chosen is available, check out our domain name pricing page.

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