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About Us

Namhost was established in 2005 as a company aimed at providing world-class web hosting solutions to Namibians and South Africans. Since its establishment, Namhost has grown into one of the most well-known and most trusted web hosting companies in Namibia and South Africa. Today, Namhost hosts some of the most visited websites in Africa and provides far more than just a promise of 99.9% uptime. We back that with world-class support that helps clients quickly find solutions to any web hosting problem that might arise.

We also design and build professional and modern business websites for several clients across the globe. We specialize in Drupal-driven website solutions, but also do Wordpress and Joomla development. We are very big supporters of MVC frameworks like Zend and Laravel and have implemented several solutions that rely on the MVC framework.

Our Core Products

Our Core Products

Namhost started as a web hosting and domain registration company, but with many years of maintaining and also building websites, we have evolved into a development house, catering particularly for high-end corporate solutions. Web Hosting is the foundation of any website. Therefore, if you combine a very good understanding of web hosting with world-class web design skills, you can create amazing things, as we try to do every day.

Although we primarily focus on two main areas of work: Web Hosting and Web Design, we still try to expand within those areas.

We support Linux and Windows Shared Hosting, as well as Virtual Private Servers, and Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers. We also have the very popular Reseller Package for those who want to start their own hosting company. In 2014 we added SSL Certificates to this list and are in the process of adding more hosting services, such as professional cloud solutions.

The Web Design portion of the company has changed significantly. We have pushed a lot of new development into marketing and more specifically, into building tools that can help us and our clients do better marketing. We now offer a very advanced newsletter manager for corporate newsletter sending. This comes with all the bells and whistles including: click statistics, double opt-in, signup forms etc. We also launched our own SMS API and support single or bulk SMS sending as well as short codes. 

Even though we sometimes need to look at the separate parts of the machine that is Namhost, in reality we see ourselves as problem-solvers. We love to use our products to make people's lives easier and at the end of the day, that is all we try to do.

Going Global

Namhost initially focused on Namibia, but today only about 75% of our clients are actually based in Namibia. We have a big footprint in South Africa and have also expanded to other countries including Europe and Asia. Our customer support and experience in the field is what has set us aside from the rest, so much so that we are slowly but surely expanding to even more African countries and the rest of the world.

We have worked extensively with partners and teams in both Singapore and India. Together we have built advanced solutions for various clients across the globe. Thanks to the internet, we have been able to work with experienced teams from all parts of the world on various different projects.

Personal Touch

Namhost is not your typical corporate company. While we do have policies in place for the security of our clients, we generally follow an approach where we do our best to give clients that "personal touch". This means we are often guilty of answering support questions in a lot of detail to insure clients get a complete understanding of anything we try to assist them with. We will never simply brush off your problem for the sake of "efficiency". Your happiness is far more important to us.

Some of our clients have been with us for over 10 years. The majority of these clients have stayed with us because we provide a personal and reliable service that gives them the peace of mind they want from their web hosting company. We hope to provide that same level of expert customer service to you, if you are not already client.