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Header Checker

Get the headers of a URL.


Ping a website or URL to see if it is online or to see the response times returned.

Check if GZip Compression is Enabled

Check if gzip compression is enabled for your website.

SSL Checker

Check the SSL Certificate status of a domain name.

TLS 1.0 Checker

Check the TLS status of your website.

Whois Lookup / Domain Availability Checker

Get detailed WHOIS information on any domain name or simply check if a domain name has been registered.

Security Check

Is your website safe and hacker proof?

Currency Exchange Rates

1 ZAR = 110.05870.04950.06010.6080.08640.722.27
1 NAD = 110.05870.04950.06010.6080.08640.722.27
1 EUR = 17.032917.032910.84261.023210.35651.471112.263738.6646
1 GBP = 20.214320.21431.186811.214312.29091.745914.554345.8864
1 USD = 16.647216.64720.97740.8235110.1221.437811.98637.7892
1 SEK = 1.64471.64470.09660.08140.098810.1421.18423.7334
1 AUD = 11.578111.57810.67970.57280.69557.039818.336226.2823
1 BWP = 1.38891.38890.08150.06870.08340.84450.1213.1528
1 MUR = 0.44050.44050.02590.02180.02650.26790.0380.31721