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Ready for stress-free hosting at unbeatable prices?

Already paying for hosting but would really like to switch today? Get free hosting for the time you have remaining up to a maximum of 1 year!

Our expert technicians will also assist with any data migrations or database setups that might be needed to get your existing website functioning! Sit back, relax and let us do all the ground work for you!

What? How? Why?

"I want to move today, but have 6 monts left at my current host!"

We hear this all the time! We know that switching hosts can already be a daunting task without having to work around a timeline involving expiry dates of services. To make things easier, our YourMove policy gives clients the opportunity to avoid paying extra fees when they have essentially already paid for hosting for a specific period.

If your current hosting only expires in 6 months, you can transfer now and we wont charge you for your first 6 months at Namhost! Neat, huh?

* There are a few conditions that are laid out in detail on our official YourMove Policy page.

Namhost strives to be The Best

We bring you this policy and make these promises because we at Namhost strive to offer the best hosting solutions. We believe in and stand behind our world-class products, services and support. See what our existing clients have to say below...

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