We try to make it our business in delivering a world-class experience. Our "YourMove" policy is designed to make that experience so much better for you, the client. Below are the legal parameters for our YourMove policy.

Moving to Namhost

  • If you wish to migrate to Namhost from another host and your term is not yet over with that host, we will not charge you a hosting fee for the time period you have remaining with the previous host up to a maximum of 1 year. For example, if you have 6 months remaining with your current host, you will get 6 months free hosting when you transfer to Namhost.
  • This only applies to shared hosting accounts or reseller accounts. It is therefore specifically not applicable to dedicated servers or virtual private servers.
  • This policy specifically excludes domain name registrations and is only applicable to the hosting portion of new orders.
  • At least the first month of hosting must be purchased to utilize this. We will adjust your next due date after the payment of the first invoice.
  • You must provide proof of the expiry dates of your current hosting solution (e.g. an invoice)
  • You must make a formal request within 14 days of signing up for hosting by opening a support ticket in order to make use of the YourMove policy.
  • The YourMove policy includes the migration of basic configurations. For example, if you need to move a single or multiple cPanel accounts, that is no problem. But if you need specific software installed, it might be best to contact us first. In most cases we should be able to assist free of charge, but for some complex scenarios we might have to provide a quotation for the work needed to get you up and running.
  • By making use of our services, you also agree to our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.