Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

With the vast majority of popular domain names already taken for the most popular TLDs, finding good domain names is becoming increasingly difficult.

That’s why we decided to make it easy. So read our tips and learn how to think of and find a good domain name.

Before we start, let's just clarify: What is a TLD?

TLD stands for "Top Level Domain" and is a domain at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet after the root domain. For example: .com or .org.
  1. Stick to what is popular.

    Choosing a .com domain name is still the best route to go. However, if you decide to use another extension, it is always a good idea to also register the .com version of that domain. For example, if you want to run your site on, you should definitely consider getting as well.

    There are two reasons for this. First, you avoid a future competitor registering a more popular extension than you. The other reason is that people often just assume the extension is .com and search for your brand name using that extension.

    Note: If you own the .com version, you can redirect it to whichever extension you prefer.

  2. Watch out for name or trademark infringement.

    Let’s say that your company is reselling used BMWs, for example. Then, one day, you find out that is available for registration. Although it might be available, registering it might infringe on someone's trademark or other rights.

  3. Avoid hyphens and numbers.

    Using hyphens in your domain name is never a good idea. It’s not just old-fashioned and aesthetically unpleasing. Instead, there’s a bigger issue at hand.

    Let’s say that someone already owns, so you decide to go for What happens is that the people that know your brand name, but don’t know your domain yet, will automatically search for the version without hyphens.

    Numbers are also best avoided since they were never able to get traction in domain name branding. When in doubt, just ask yourself, how many domains with a number do I know of?

  4. Avoid words like the, a, and my.

    While there are certain cases where this could come in handy, it’s best to avoid it. That’s because such words are not useful or descriptive. Instead, they are generic and unnecessarily extend your domain name.

  5. Try to make it as short as possible.

    Picking a good brand name is very important, but so is the domain name. People find it easier to remember shorter names, so you should take advantage of this and make it memorable. In principle, anything longer than two average words is usually too long. So it’s no wonder all 3-letter and 4-letter .com domains are already registered.

    If you want to take a look at the list of shortest available domain names, you’re welcome to use our Domain Finder tool.

  6. Use domain name generators.

    There are tools that can help you out with finding the best domain name. Common examples include BustAName and Nameboy. They do this by offering you options and filters for generating new ideas. You can then set the desired properties like extensions, prefixes, suffixes, and the total number of words the suggested domains will contain.

  7. Consider getting a misspelled domain name.

    If people often misspell your brand name, consider buying the misspelled version of the domain as well. So instead of just getting, buy it together with That way, you won’t miss out on any traffic.

    Established brands take this into account as well. For example, just visit, and you will be immediately redirected to

  8. Take advantage of domain aftermarkets.

    Marketplaces like Sedo allow you to purchase pre-owned and used domain names. Some of those domains are offered for a fixed price, and others can be acquired through auctions. While domain aftermarkets open up a whole new world of branding possibilities, be prepared to pay a significantly higher price.

Thanks for reading our tips on getting a good domain name. Now that you understand how to best approach this, it’s time to start your search!

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