How to quickly brainstorm a good domain name


It is very important to secure a good domain name for your website. Unfortunately, most of the good names are already taken. It really has become increasingly harder to find a good domain name. For this reason, I've found the following steps a good starting point to brainstorming a good name:

  1. Open Bust-a-name.
  2. Think of a few keywords that you would like in the domain name (in our example below, we used "seo" and various combination words such as "probe", "stack" etc, in order to get combinations like, or, but unfortunately those names were taken)
  3. I always add two groups (by clicking "Add Group") and depending on what I'm trying to do, I might restrict one group to only be the first word and the second group only the second word. This can be done by clicking the down arrow to the right of "Group X".
  4. In the example below I was trying to find words with the word "SEO" in it. I used "seo" as the only word in the first group, and the rest were various words I brainstormed and also generated using the "suggestion" arrow next to the keywords in group 2.




About the Author
Armed with a degree in Computer Science and over 15 years of experience building applications for the web, Ardi functions as the go-to guy for all technical problems that might arise at Namhost. His problem-solving skills are second to none and has been critical to the success of Namhost. Although very skilled in a variety of frameworks such as Laravel and Zend, Ardi has become an expert in Drupal.