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VAT Increase Notification for South Africans

Ardi Coetzee

As of 1 April 2018, the effective VAT rate in South Africa will rise from 14% to 15%. While most companies are simply increasing their prices proportionally, Namhost's prices will remain as is and effectively, Namhost will be absorbing the 1% knock added by VAT. The only difference will be that the amount of VAT shown on your invoice will be more, but the total bill will not increase.

For example, an invoice totaling R1000 at 14% VAT would mean that the VAT amount is R122.81. As of 1 April, 15% VAT will mean that included in the R1000 is a VAT amount of R130.43.

If your business is registered in South Africa, this will actual be a benefit to you as you will now be able to claim a larger portion back. For everyone else, this will have no effect and you can be rest assured that you will not pay more. 

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Ardi Coetzee
Ardi Coetzee
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