Posted on 07 Feb 2015
Most of our clients buy domain names for 1 year periods. The simple reason for this is that paying for 1 year is cheaper than paying for the maximum number of years most domain names can be registered for (i.e. 10 to 20 years).So, what benefits are there to ordering a domain name for a longer... (click here to read more)
Posted on 07 Feb 2015
Payment Gateways allow you to accept credit card payments on your website. They effectively act as the link between the end-user and your bank. If someone buys something from your website, the transaction will get processed by the Payment Gateway, and once approved, the money will be paid over to... (click here to read more)
Posted on 23 Jan 2015
IMPORTANT: This article is outdated. The most up to date information on Payment Gateways in Namibia can be found here.**UPDATE**: 2Checkout is no longer the only good Payment Gateway to use in Namibia. Check out this blog post for an even better option.If you recognize the logo, you probably... (click here to read more)
Posted on 03 Nov 2014
Namhost is very well-known for building Drupal-driven websites, but Drupal is only one fish in a very big pond. There are many options available to programmers when trying to decide how they are going to go about building websites. This blog post is going to try to explain the difference between... (click here to read more)
Posted on 23 Sep 2014
There are quite a few ways that you can send mass mail to people nowadays. Out of all these ways, we have only found two real ways that work well and reliably. Let's start with the ways that do not work: BAD: Composed message with several BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) entries The main problem with... (click here to read more)
Posted on 03 Oct 2013
A domain name is possibly the first and most important aspect of taking your business online. Without one of your own it's almost impossible to build brand awareness, especially considering that a domain name is the online address of your business.Consider the following as an example: bobsplumbing.... (click here to read more)
Posted on 18 Apr 2013
Email plays an important role in managing your business so important in fact that it has become essential; which is a good reason to always have an alternative email address whatever the case may be.Google provides a free email service (namely Gmail) which has enough features that it goes hand in... (click here to read more)
Posted on 10 Dec 2012
Web hosts are a dime a dozen but not all hosting companies offer the same quality of service. We'll explain what are the essential services to look for in a hosting company and provide insight to what any business needs from their hosting company.Disk spaceThe amount of disk space is the most... (click here to read more)
Posted on 07 Dec 2012
Security is one of the last aspects people consider when choosing a web hosting company. What they don't realize is that a secure server is an essential part of any hosting plan and without one a malicious user can get access to, manipulate, delete or steal valuable information about your online... (click here to read more)
Posted on 23 Aug 2012
To better explain the differences between the two protocols, I'll first go through a few fundamental examples as to what HTTP is before continue to give examples to why HTTPS is the better protocol depending on certain situations.HTTP stand for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is used in general... (click here to read more)