Important changes regarding all Linux hosting accounts at Namhost (re: cPanel price changes)

cPanel introduced a new pricing structure that affects everybody in the world who makes use of their web hosting management software. That includes all Namhost clients who have Linux Hosting - by far the majority of our clients.

Note: None of what is written below applies to any Windows/.NET hosting packages, they will remain unchanged.

This pricing change can be confusing but we hope that this article will explain the impact and help you make the best decision regarding the future of your hosting account. If you make use of any Namhost Linux Hosting Package (Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, or Dedicated Server), you will need to decide the future of your hosting account.

You have two options

  • Remain on cPanel and pay an additional license fee.
  • Migrate to InterWorx and stay on the current pricing.

What is InterWorx?

InterWorx is a hosting management panel very similar to cPanel. It includes two tools, namely NodeWorx for server management (Reseller Accounts, VPSes, and Dedicated Servers) and SiteWorx for individual hosting account management. These allow you to manage your hosting accounts in exactly the same way you're managing your hosting on WHM and cPanel right now.

What are the downsides of migrating to InterWorx?

While InterWorx strives to provide the same functionality as cPanel, there are a few important differences, and switching to InterWorx will have certain consequences:

  • Migration means your accounts will be moved to a new server (which means IPs will change, files will be moved, DNS settings might have to change, etc).
  • Migrating data to a new server is a big deal and we cannot guarantee a smooth migration as there are too many variables at play. Downtime might be experienced.
  • It might take some time to get used to the new interface as it differs from cPanel a lot.
  • Database prefixing is required in InterWorx, as this is the mechanism used to map databases to accounts inside of the control panel. Most cPanel databases should already have username prefixing, but some may not, depending on when they were created.
  • Because of a difference in mail software, single-character mailboxes are not permitted (though single-character aliases are). For example, you can have forward to another address but you can’t have as its own inbox.
  • Though the panel supports multiple concurrent PHP versions, the oldest available PHP version is currently 5.4, so sites utilizing older versions of PHP may need code upgrades in order to function on InterWorx.
  • Automatic backups from server root are currently not supported. This means every client will be responsible for making and storing their own InterWorx hosting account backups.

Where can I see a demo of InterWorx?

You can request a demo by submitting this form.

What is the downside of remaining on cPanel?

The only downside is the cost. A license fee will be added to existing hosting fees, but we have tried to keep these license fees down to the minimum for our clients. License fees will affect resellers the most as cPanel effectively now bills per cPanel account. Pricing could go up significantly more for resellers who usually have several cPanel accounts, as compared to shared hosting users who only require one license per account.

We understand the extra cost involved, but still recommend remaining on cPanel as it is the tried, tested, and trusted platform in this case.

How much more will it cost to remain on cPanel?

Pricing has changed as follows:

  • FREE Shared Hosting remains FREE if you switch to InterWorx. There will no longer be FREE cPanel hosting options. The Lite Package is the closest alternative if you still wish to make use of cPanel.
  • Paid Shared Hosting increases by R8 per month or R80 per year when paid annually.
  • Reseller Hosting increases with a base cost of R40 per month which will allow you to create up to 5 cPanel accounts. For additional cPanel accounts, a tiered pricing structure will be in effect:
    • up to 10 cPanel Accounts - R 60 per month
    • up to 20 cPanel Accounts - R 80 per month
    • up to 50 cPanel Accounts - R 150 per month
    • up to 100 cPanel Accounts - R 200 per month
    • up to 250 cPanel Accounts - R 250 per month
  • VPS Hosting does not increase with a base price but will be limited to 5 cPanel accounts. For additional cPanel accounts, a tiered pricing structure will be in effect:
    • up to 30 cPanel Accounts - R 330 per month
    • up to 50 cPanel Accounts - R 410 per month
    • up to 100 cPanel Accounts - R 580 per month
    • up to 150 cPanel Accounts - R 650 per month
    • larger packages available...
  • Dedicated Servers do not increase with a base price but will be limited to 100 cPanel accounts. For additional cPanel accounts, a tiered pricing structure will be in effect:
    • up to 150 cPanel Accounts - R 650 per month
    • up to 200 cPanel Accounts - R 740 per month
    • up to 250 cPanel Accounts - R 820 per month
    • up to 300 cPanel Accounts - R 900 per month
    • larger packages are also available...

By when do I have to make a decision?

You have until 29 February 2020 to submit your decision, however, we would like to urge you to submit a decision as soon as possible in order to give us ample time to plan and perform any necessary steps and for you to make any necessary changes.

IMPORTANT: If no decision is submitted, you will not be moved from cPanel to InterWorx. Your account will be left as is and you will be billed additionally from the 1st of March 2020 onwards.

When will the new cPanel pricing officially be in effect?

Existing clients will be able to enjoy the current pricing until 1 March 2020. However, Namhost's pricing for cPanel accounts has officially changed on 19 November 2019, which means any new signups from this point onwards, will be paying the new cPanel pricing.

How do I submit my decision?

Click here to submit your decision

Any other important things to consider?

Yes! Our Terms of Service will be adapted to accommodate these changes. Important changes:

  • Unpaid (suspended) cPanel accounts will be terminated after 3 months. A backup will be kept only up until the account is terminated. After the termination date, there will be no way to recover any of the data on the account.
  • We will no longer offer FREE cPanel accounts, but we will still offer FREE InterWorx accounts.


We urge you to make and submit your decision as soon as possible - Click here to submit your decision. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or reply in the comment section below.

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