The winner of our 2018 Laptop Giveaway is...

Our last competition for the year has come to an end and we are very happy to announce the lucky winner!

Congratulations to Kaemi Naftali from Ondangwa! You are the lucky new owner of a brand new Dell Inspiron Laptop worth N$/R7000.00.

3330 people participated in the competition from right across Namibia and South Africa. A total of 9353 actions were performed (such as answering a question, sharing, answering a question, etc). That means that, on average, participants performed about 3 actions each which translates to about 3 entries per person. If you performed 6 actions, you effectively doubled your chances of winning!

Here are some more interesting statistics from the competition:

  • Most actions by a single user: 28 actions
  • Number of people who visited our Facebook page: 1066
  • Number of people who visited our Instagram page: 1013
  • Number of people who referred friends: 236

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