Our Shared Hosting Packages range in sizes from 850 MB to 20 GB of disk space. This is usually more than enough disk space for most of our clients but if you need more space, there are a few other options to consider:

  • Reseller Account
    Don't let the name fool you. Although this is a fantastic option for those who want to resell hosting, it can be just as useful to businesses or individuals who want to host multiple sites or who simply require more disk space. Reseller hosting start at 15GB but the biggest reseller account comes equipped with a whopping 100 GB of disk space.
  • Virtual Private Servers
    These servers are very similar to a reseller account with the added benefit that you have root access to your portion of the server. This means you will have complete control over your hosting and you can easily upgrade to have as much as 240 GB of disk space.
  • Dedicated Servers
    Own an entire server to set up and configure as you please with zero limitations! Including adding hard drives that meet your project requirements. Typical hard drive sizes range from 240GB to up to 1.9 TB. Even larger sizes can be made available upon request!

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