There are three different types of SSL Certificates:

1. Domain Validation

This is the most basic type of SSL Certificate available. They are easy and quick to obtain as no extra documents are needed. The encryption provided is basic but effective. Domain Validated SSL certificates are generally the least expensive.

Pros: Fast to Set Up
Cons: Low Level of Trust

1. Organization Validation

These types of certificates require further validation and authentication of the certificate owner. This provides added peace of mind for your clients as they know the website they are shopping on has been validated by a 3rd party.

Pros: Higher Level of Trust
Cons: Less Affordable

1. Extended Validation

You do not get more trusted certificates than SSL Certificates with Extended Validation. The certificate authority does a lengthy and in-depth validation of the business before issuing the certificate. Users using a website with a certificate like this will have a very high sense of security and trust.

Pros: Highest Level of Trust
Cons: Costly

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