Moving to a VPS has a lot of benefits and gives you a lot more control over your hosting. Below is a list of advantages the VPS provides that your current shared hosting account does not:

  1. More disk space.
    - You are on a Premium Shared Hosting package which entitles you to a maximum disk space of 5 GB, whereas our smallest VPS option boasts a disk space allowance of 60 GB
  2. Manage multiple hosting accounts on one VPS server.
    - You will have full root access as well as access to WHM (Web Host Manager) on a VPS. These features allow you to create your own hosting packages and hosting accounts. If you already have a range of hosting accounts with Namhost, you will be able to host them all on one VPS package and manage them all in one place. This saves you money since you will only be paying for the VPS rather than paying for different shared hosting accounts.
  3. Set your own email limit per hour.
    - On a shared hosting server all clients are limited to sending 500 emails per hour. This is a policy put in place by Namhost to ensure a shared hosting account does not send spam from a server where a few clients are hosted as spamming negatively affects the entire server. With the VPS you have full control over this limit. This is particularly useful if you make use of bulk email marketing or if you need to send bulk mail to a large list of recipients.
  4. Increased Bandwidth.
    - Our Premium Shared Hosting package offers a total of 200 GB of bandwidth, our smallest VPS package starts from 1 TB. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred within a month. Bandwidth is used by people visiting your website, emails being downloaded from the server, and any uploads to the server.
  5. Dedicated IP for your VPS.
    - Currently, your hosting accounts share an IP with all other accounts hosted on the same server. Once you switch over to a VPS you will have your own IP address and this is very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  6. Your own private name servers.
    - A domain name uses name servers to “point” traffic to a specific server. Currently, your domain name uses Namhost’s name servers. A VPS will allow you to register your own nameservers and Namhost’s nameservers will no longer be shown on your WHOIS information - E.g. - By owning your own name servers you will see something like “,” where name servers are displayed.
  7. Free SSL Certificate.
    - An SSL certificate is something that shows visitors that your website is a trusted website. It encrypts your emails and allows you to connect to your VPS securely. Google also prefers websites with valid SSLs installed above those that don’t. We will install a FREE SSL Certificate to the main domain name on any VPS package.
  8. Free Migration.
    - Namhost will migrate any accounts hosted with us to a VPS at no charge.

Moving over to a VPS package would be perfect for you and will keep you hosted securely for a long time to come.

Please see our VPS hosting packages with prices and features here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions/concerns or if anything is unclear, we will be happy to assist you.

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