5 Web Hosting Essentials

Web hosts are a dime a dozen but not all hosting companies offer the same quality of service. We'll explain what are the essential services to look for in a hosting company and provide insight to what any business needs from their hosting company.

Disk space

The amount of disk space is the most important aspect of any hosting plan since this will be the limit on the amount of disk space available where you can store your website files and the space your email addresses need.

Not every web host provides enough disk space, not even for a small business.

Bandwidth limit

Bandwidth is the speed of data transfer from your web host's server to your ISP.

The connection speed is normally given in a fixed amount per month. This allows the web host to check the connection speed of each of their clients to offer an ideal speed for every client on their server.

With very low-bandwidth limits you may find your website blocked or unavailable on the net which means you could lose business or worse, hurt your brands image.

Security features

This is where things get tricky since most web host don't even mention what security features they offer. It will be up to you as the client to contact the web host and ask them directly.

Since there are various factors that can decide if a server is secure or not, we have written a hole article on it, explaining the Security questions for every web host.

Daily Backups

It's very important that the web host backup your data on a daily basis because if any thing should go wrong, you have a restore point that has all your changes from the day before not a week ago.

Make sure that this feature is included in your hosting plan to avoid extra costs for services that should be included in such plans.

24 Hour support service

Being able to contact your hosting company if you run into trouble is essential to any such service.

The key areas to look for are live chat, telephone and email (normally ticket based) support.

Make sure you choose the hosting that suits your needs, contact us for assistance in making the right choice for your business.

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