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The 2018 Namhost Survey Results

Nico Lourens

Our 2018 survey was a massive success! The mission of this survey was to firstly gauge the Namibian public's knowledge of domain names and hosting. Secondly, it aimed to gauge Namhost customers on their satisfaction with our products and client service. On both fronts, we were pleased with the results! So much so that we decided to host a survey of this type every year from now on.

After analyzing the survey results we've put together a few statistics we thought readers might find interesting. See below:


Participation & Recommendation

Over 3 700 individuals took part in our 2018 survey. This massive amount of participants were mostly obtained from:

  • Social media posts and advertisements;
  • Targetted email campaigns;
  • Word of mouth;
  • and Recommendation emails

The recommendation emails sent out by all participants totalled 8 269. We hope to better both the participant and recommendation statistics in the years to come.

Computer Savvy-ness

It was great to see that the computer savvy-ness of participants varied widely. We obviously try to engage with anyone on any level and hope in future to see more unsavvy and beginner-level participation. This year, though, intermediate-level participants were the majority at 55.5%.

  • Not Savvy - Barely knows how to turn on a computer
  • Beginner - Knows how to use the basics (email, Facebook, etc.)
  • Intermediate - Knows how to install programs, format hard drives and install a new OS
  • Advanced - Has an IT qualification and some experience in the field
  • Pro - Completed a degree in an IT field and/or has 10+ years experience in an IT field


Participant Age Groups

It came as no surprise that more than 45% of all participants fell into the 25 - 34 age group. These young individuals understand how the internet and technology work and they spend a lot of time on social media (where we advertised the survey).

People between the ages of 18 and 24 also contributed a lot to the final participant count. Like the 25 - 34 age group, these individuals know and trust these type of surveys and also know how to use the internet and technology.

The only surprise here was seeing that more participants were aged between 55 and 64 than aged below 18.

Crypto Currency Exposure

As a matter of interest, our survey included two questions regarding the participants' exposure to cryptocurrencies. About 5.5% said they own or have owned cryptocurrencies.

About 2.3% said they mine or have mined cryptocurrencies.


Where do people host?

We asked participants if they make use of web hosting. Then asked if they would mind disclosing where they are hosted. Then, those who have hosting and did not mind disclosing where were asked which hosting company they make use of. 75% are hosted by Namhost.

* Although we have clients all over the world, our survey was focused on Namibia and therefore most participants were Namibian.

Namhost Client Satisfaction

Probably the best statistic we obtained from the 2018 survey is that Namhost clients are around 93% satisfied with the service they receive from us. We work very hard year-round to maintain the best relationships with our clients and it seems our hard work is paying off.

We're challenging ourselves to obtain even better numbers in 2019!


Satisfied with Support


Overall Satisfaction


Likely to Recommend

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About the Author
Nico Lourens
Nico Lourens
Namhost's design guy. Nico focuses his efforts toward visual representation when it comes to client's or Namhost's own projects. With many years of experience in various graphic design applications as well as being an expert in CSS, Nico is able to make anything on-screen and printed look and feel good. Not only can he design visually appealing websites, brochures, applications, etc, but he can also make sure these visuals stimulate conversions.