Domain ID Protection.

Domain ID Protection hides personal details so that a WHOIS query will not reveal who the domain owner is.

Every domain name has the contact details of the owner tied to it. These contact details normaly include the owner's name, email address, phone number, and home/business address. A quick WHOIS search normally reveals most of this information, but most people do not want their private information available to the public.

Domain ID Protection
from R 100.00 / year
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ID Protection can be enabled on supported domains during checkout or if the domain has already been purchased, by logging into the Client Dashboard and enabling it from the Domain Names page.

Protects Domain Owners From

Spam & Unsolicited Email

Unwanted Calls & Snail Mail

Identity Theft

Fraudulent Domain Transfers

Domain Ownership Lookup

Malware & SEO Blacklists

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