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Version Control

Version control is the practice by which web developers store the "source code" of a project in a safe online repository that allows other developers or clients to access their code. Each and every change that was made in the code is tracked and allows you some great benefits:

  • Rolling back to a specific period in time: If something goes wrong, you know you have a stable version that you can roll back to.
  • See who made what change: This allows you to solve problems faster as you are able to speak directly with the developer who worked on a piece of code.
  • Keep sophisticated backups: It's not uncommon for developers to deploy directly from their version control repositories as these are usually the most up to date versions of the code.

Git and Subversion are the two most popular types of version control used today. While we do still have systems using Subversion, we generally prefer to use Git. In both cases we can provide a full code extraction for the client upon request.

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