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Thawte Wildcard SSL

Thawte Wildcard SSL
R 3 799.00
Validation Type: 
Organization Validation
Domain Support: 
Warranty: US Dollars

The Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate is one of the premier wildcard SSL certificates available on the market today. It’s an excellent certificate for businesses looking to go beyond just encryption for their domain and all accompanying subdomains. That’s because this certificate features the reputable Thawte name, a dynamic site seal, and 99.9% browser/mobile recognition – making it one of the most comprehensive wildcard solutions out there. This wildcard is perfect for medium to larger-sized companies, or any business that places the highest stock in their customers’ trust and assurance.

You can cover one domain and an unlimited amount of subdomains with the Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate. For example, you could assign this certificate to www.domain.com and then mail.domain.com, billing.domain.com, subdomain.domain.com, etc.

Every SSL certificate must be hosted on a unique IP. If you do not have one, you must check this box.