Certum Commercial SSL Wildcard

Certum Commercial SSL Wildcard
R 1 299.00
Validation Type: 
Domain Validation
Domain Support: 
200.000.00 US Dollars

The Certum Commercial SSL wildcard SSL certificate is a fast and effective way to secure your main domain and all of the accompanying subdomains. That’s right, with just a single SSL certificate, you can secure www.domain.com along with xyz.domain.com, hello.domain.com, etc. And, because this is a domain validated (DV) certificate, it can usually be issued in just a matter of minutes. So, you can boost the trust in your site with https, the padlock icon, and the Secured by Certum Site Seal quickly. This wildcard SSL certificate is ideal for startup websites and light ecommerce sites.

As a wildcard option, this certificate is able to secure one main domain (www.domain.com) and all of the accompanying subdomains (mail.domain.com, register.domain.com, certum.domain.com, etc.). The ability to secure one domain and an unlimited amount of subdomains makes this one of the most efficient certificates on the market.

Every SSL certificate must be hosted on a unique IP. If you do not have one, you must check this box.