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Social Media Marketing

In the ongoing pursuit to give our clients the exposure they deserve Namhost has teamed up with an agency to provide you with Social Media Marketing services. These services aim to build your social media influence by means of:

  • Creating, growing and managing social media accounts
  • Continuously publishing relevant content to social platforms
  • Using Google Adwords to advertise your business
  • Reaching up to 50 thousand people a month!

Who is this service for?

  • ANYONE trying to market their products/services to the largest possible audience
  • ANYONE that does not have time to build their social media following
  • ANYONE that does not have the know-how to build their social media following
  • ANYONE that wants to tap the power of social media
  • ANYONE that wants to compete in the global market
  • ANYONE that wants to target specific markets globally or locally
  • ANYONE looking to modernise their business
  • ANYONE looking for that competitive edge


If you're interested in making use of these services please submit the form below and we'll have someone contact you as soon as possible!