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Elisenheim was an exceptionally large project due to the brand playing such a large role in every aspect of the final product. Branding is always important, but in Elisenheim's case it was crucial that every aspect of the website tied into the brand. We worked rigorously with marketing companies in Cape Town to produce the final product that passed with flying colours.

Diamond Couture London

DiamondCoutureLondon.com sells world-class diamond products. Namhost was brought on board to implement a simple Wordpress-driven e-commerce solution. The project was completed swiftly and is currently live and trading, with one very happy customer.


Sadly Bid4Africa is no longer in operation. However, due to the extremely advanced features of this website, it remains one of our proudest accomplishments to date. 

Bid4Africa was a completely customized solution. It was built from the ground up using the Yii Framework and it was completely responsive.

Some extras we designed for them:

- Logo
- Letterhead
- Double-sided Business Card
- Various Flyers
- Various Facebook Images
- Various Advertising Banners
- Advertisement featured on the inner front page of the Huisgenoot/You Magazine