- Namibia's Biggest Buying and Selling Directory of Cars


What is is a "listing website", which allows anyone who wants to sell their car, to post it free of charge on the website. People seeking to buy cars in Namibia can then browse the website for great deals on Cars in Namibia. Dealers and private sellers are both welcome to use the site for free.

Is it completely free?

Yes, to use the site is completely free. But similarly to gumtree and other advertising sites, you can pay for a premium listing. Premium listings get far more exposure as they are advertised on social media and using the newsletter.

How do clients pay?

The system is currently automatically generates an invoice when a user creates a listing and select the "premium" feature. This invoice is sent to their inbox and they will then have the option of either paying online using a credit card or to make an EFT (Electronics Funds Transfer). We are fully integrated with the 2checkout payment gateway and use it to process credit card payments as well as certain debit cards.