PostNet Waybill Printer

This project was completed in 2008, so it's quite an old one. However, we rarely get requests for desktop applications nowadays, so we like to use this one as an example.

Postnet required a simple desktop application that could print on their waybills. This allows them to only enter a client's details once. Once filled in, they can in future simply select the client's name from a dropdown list and the details will be automatically populated in the application. This saved staff a lot of time. They no longer needed to complete the waybills manually using a pen.

The application was written in Visual C++ and required a fair amount of tweaking to work with the standard Dot-Matrix printers they use. It's several years later and the software is still in use.


Posted by Danie at 11:26 on 22 August 2016
Good sevice
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