What is Namhost's FREE Hosting All About?


The free hosting packages offered by Namhost were originally created to cater for clients who wanted DNS hosting with their domain name, but didn't need a lot of storage space. However, since it was introduced, it has taken on a life of its own. Clients love it and use it for a wide variety of functions.

What do our clients use the free packages for?

  • host e-mail accounts with their newly purchased domain  [works great if you download mail to your desktop or integrate it with an online email client like gMail]
  • host "placeholder" / "under construction" sites, one-page promotional pages or even basic corporate websites [just need a few pages and a few pictures hosted? this is perfect for you!]
  • test software on either a Windows or a Linux environment [your a linux guy but found a really cool .NET script that might be a better solution? no sweat, try it out like this!]
  • run basic scipts that are time dependent using Linux "cron" or Windows "scheduler". [need to send a report to yourself once a week? or automatically update posts once a week? or periodically scan a site every day? ... just about any time-based event can be triggered with features that come with free hosting packages]
  • host the backend for mobile apps [some of the most powerful apps out there are powered by less than what the free packages offer!]

What features do the packages have?

‚ÄčOur FREE hosting packages provide the same features as any of our paid Linux or Windows hosting packages. They even come with 1 Gb of bandwidth (more than enough for most small businesses) and a huge range of software that can solve just about any problem. If you then also consider that Namhost will be upgrading their packages soon, you can bet your bottom dollar it's going to make these packages even more popular. 

What's are the limitations of free hosting?

Namhost's free hosting packages provide 50 Mb of storage space. While you should have no problem installing some of the more popular web applications, like Wordpress which is 22Mb, or Joomla which is 32Mb, PHPList which is 33Mb, etc, you will have problems with other apps like Drupal, which clocks in at 52 Mb. 

How free is free?

The free packages offered by Namhost remains one of  the most affordable ways to get a website online in Namibia. But how free is free? Currently the only catch is that you need to register a domain name with Namhost. A .com domain name is priced at N$200 / R200 per year. Other domain pricing can be found here.

How do I sign up?

For Linux Hosting (generally what most clients would want), go here: https://www.namhost.com/web-hosting/pricing/linux

For .NET Hosting, go here: https://www.namhost.com/web-hosting/pricing/windows

Have any questions?

Use the live chat and give us a shout! Or use our online contact form here. Or simply leave a comment below. 

About the Author
Armed with a degree in Computer Science and over 15 years of experience building applications for the web, Ardi functions as the go-to guy for all technical problems that might arise at Namhost. His problem-solving skills are second to none and has been critical to the success of Namhost. Although very skilled in a variety of frameworks such as Laravel and Zend, Ardi has become an expert in Drupal.