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Newsletters Credits

What used to be a simple service to offer has become increasingly more difficult to manage thanks to spammers. Not everyone has good intentions when sending an e-mail to someone and as a result, sophisticated software like SpamAssassin and many other applications have been created to stop spam. This means that the few of us trying to get e-mails out to our opted-in audience often suffer.

Why is it so difficult to send out a newsletter?

Have you really looked at your delivery rate recently? How many of the e-mails you send actually reach their destination? Are you aware of SPF records and spam scores? Sending newsletters have become increasingly harder because there are several hoops that must be jumped through, in order to get e-mails delivered. You need to verify your domain, make sure e-mails aren't sent too quickly and that the contant is correct, just for starters.

What's the best way to send professional newsletters?

After struggling for many years, we finally got around to building our own Newsletter manager. It's still in it's infant stages, but we use it ourselves and quite a few of our clients also use it. Our main goal is deliverability, but our system supports all the typical features you want from a newsletter manager:

  • Double Opt-in
  • Click statistics
  • Opened statistics
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Custom thank you pages

Instead of tying into expensive newsletter packages which you can't rely on, why not opt for a tried and tested solution that is extremely affordable and can be tailored specifically to your needs?

We charge 3 cents per e-mail credit. That works out to:

  • N$ 30.00 per 1000 E-mails Sent
  • R 30.00 per 1000 E-mails Sent
  • +- $ 2.5 USD per 1000 E-mails Sent

Our newsletter system also allows you to:

  • Create newsletters
  • Use custom designs
  • See statistics (see who opened an e-mail and which links they clicked on)

The Main Benefits:

  • Transparency: We can tell you exactly what you sent, when it went out and if it reached the client.
  • Deliverability: We use highly sophisticated cloud solutions to ensure our e-mails arrive at their destinations

Getting Started?

To make use of our system, you will need to purchase newsletter credits. You can do this by choosing how many credits you want, and adding it to your cart below.