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What is WHM?

WHM stands for "Web Host Manager". It is software that comes with our Reseller Linux Hosting solutions as well as our dedicated servers. This software allows you to do a bunch of other administrative functions. 

What can I do with WHM?

  • Create, delete, and suspend your cPanel accounts.

  • Manage and monitor your sites (password resets).

  • Access to check and change all of your domains' DNS zones.

  • The ability to configure your own customers' support requests through cPanel.

  • Permission to check the server information and status.

  • Ability to create your own default page when you create a new account.

  • Access to customise your hosting and control panel with extensive branding.

  • Ability to change your client domain names and user names.

  • Hop between every cPanel on your account and access/change anything that does not require SQL access.