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Which Hosting Type Should You Choose For Your Website?

When it comes to website hosting, you will need to consider the type of hosting that is best for you. This will have direct implication on your website and what you can do with it. Here are just a few options that you have.

Free Hosting

Free hosting is something to consider if you just have a personal website that is not going to generate money. Free hosting is limited and usually means that you have the hosting site as part of your domain name. However, this is a great way to start out your personal site and offer information on a very limited budget.

Simple Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest option available and is perfect for basic websites. The idea behind shared hosting is that thousands of websites are on one server and they all have the same IP address. This is something to consider if you have a small website but there are some limitations.

The problem is that you only have access to a limited size of the CPU, which will mean that you need to limit your website design. Another problem is that you could be limited to the countries that your website reaches to, due to other websites on that IP address.

Business and E-Commerce Hosting

When it comes to a business website, you will need to opt for something that costs slightly more. Business and e-commerce hosting usually offer dedicated IP addresses, so you are not limited, and there are some that will offer more CPU usage.

E-commerce hosting also makes it possible to add a shopping cart to your website without having to worry about PHP coding. This is something to consider, especially if you have limited coding skills. This also helps to keep the server side programming to a limit so you do not need to worry about your CPU usage.

Dedicated Hosting

This is a popular option for those who want a server all to themselves. This does cost a lot but is worth it if you have a large business website. This is something for large businesses to consider. Dedicated hosting means that you will definitely have a dedicated IP address, so only you can affect your website’s worldwide range.

You will also be able to gain much more for your money, including extra email addresses, more sub-domains and more CPU usage – since you will have a server all to yourself.