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How do I transfer my hosting account to Namhost?

In some cases where you already have and existing domain with another hosting company when you make the decision to purchase one of our hosting packages.

The article will explain the procedure for moving this domain over to our hosting package.

Your main concern should be that your website is not down for the 48 hour propagation period.

Your first step is to look at our hosting packages, making sure that the new hosting package of your choice provide you with all the services your previous host did to insure that you don't lose major functionality required for your website to function properly.

  1. Do not cancel your old hosting before your data is secured on our servers.
  2. Send a request to your old hosting provider to unlock the domain name and send you the EPP/Authorisation Key. You can then supply your representative at Namhost with this EPP/Authorisation Key and we will set the domain transfer in progress.
  3. Move your data from your old hosting provider to the you new hosting package at Namhost.

If you require assistance in transferring your data from the old host to our hosting account, contact us for any assistance.

At this point you should have two hosting accounts, one with Namhost and the other with previous provider.

Once you or Namhost have confirmed the data has been transferred, we will commence with changing your domain name details to reflect as required to link to our servers; this is referred to as the propagation period.

During this transition period your website will be bouncing between the two hosts every other minute.

After the 48 hour propagation period, we will confirm that your website has fully moved over to the new hosting account. Once we have confirmed with you, you can proceed to cancel the old hosting account.

If you have any question or require assistance with this process, please don't hesitate to contact us.