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Uptime Monitors

What is an uptime monitor?

A website can go for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you just deployed some new code that caused an error to be thrown, or perhaps an application on your server crashed. Whatever the reason for it going down, it would be extremely useful to be notified via email when this does happen. This is exactly what an uptime monitor does. If your website goes down, for whatever reason, it notifies you so you can take action!

Is Uptime Monitoring currently in beta, and what does that mean?

Yes, uptime monitoring is in beta. That means you might still run into one or two false positives as we iron out any kinks. We've been online for a while now, before releasing this to the public, so even though we are in beta, it is unlikely that you will run into any major issues.

We hope to end the beta period by 1 January 2018.