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What is an API Key?

An API key is a code used to identify you when accessing the Namhost SMS API. The Namhost SMS API is a way by which you can send SMS's programmatically. It enables you to integrate seamlessly with your own applications.

Click here for more information on how to use the API key.


Posted by Andrew at 11:52 on 08 August 2018
This is a new feature. Does the credit expire? Can I use my API key in more than 1 SMS application?

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Posted by Ardi at 11:58 on 08 August 2018
If you regularly use your account to send or receive messages, your credits won’t expire. However, if you don’t actively use your account, your credits may expire at some point. But it is unlikely that it would expire in the first 2 years of purchasing them.And yes, you can use 1 single API key with multiple applications. With the new release of the API, which is due in the next two months, you will also be able to add multiple API keys for a single user. Which means you can assign an API Key to each APP and monitor each app individually. Please don't hesitate to reply here if you have any other questions!
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