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What is a Brute-force attack?

What is a Brute-force attack?

A brute-force attack is when a malicious user tries to gain access to a password protected page or directory.

Malicious users can try to access services by using different methods.

  1. Guessing the password any number of times.
  2. or by using software to enable unauthorized access.

Most of the time it tends to be normal users that have forgotten their password and try to access their account unsuccessfully.

Protecting you against Brute-force attacks.

We have implemented the following methods to prevent such attacks or unauthorized access to your website or any secured sections thereof.

Users only have the opportunity to fail logging into their respective systems 15 times per session or 5 times from the same computer with a specific IP address.

If any given user fails to login unsuccessfully beyond the allowed attempts, they are blocked from logging into the system for 5 minutes or are blocked for 15 minutes if using the same computer with a specific IP address.

Furthermore any given user attempting to login unsuccessfully more than 30 times a session will be blocked for 2 weeks and any continued attempts from this given IP address will insure that this IP is blacklisted, preventing any access in the future.

Unblocking your network IP address.

If your IP address was blocked due to repeated unsuccessful login attempts, please follow the instructions bellow to have your IP unblocked.

  1. You can find out your IP by visiting www.whatismyip.com.
  2. Send us a request (include your domain name and IP address) to helpdesk@namhost.com to white list your IP address.