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How do I place a Hosting and Domain Name order on Namhost.com?

This guide will show you the process of placing an order on our website for both domain names and hosting accounts.

  1. Go to Namhost.com
  2. Click on the "Web Hosting" tab you should see the page as shown below, here you can choose between either Linux hosting or Windows hosting:


  • Once you have selected your desired Operating System for hosting you will find a list of available packages and their features. Once you decided on which hosting package you would like proceed to select your billing cycle and to click on "Add to Cart" as shown below:


  • You will need to assign a domain name to your hosting account.The yellow highlighted box is where you will enter your desired domain name and in the green highlighted box you will select the domain extension. Proceed to click on "Check Availability":


  • If the domain name is available click on the link highlighted in yellow as shown in picture. If the domain is not available please try another domain name:


  • You should now see both domain name and hosting account in your shopping cart. Proceed to click on "Checkout" (highlighted in yellow):


  • Once you have clicked on "Checkout" you will now need to register as a new Namhost.com user. Proceed to fill out all the required details and click on "Submit" to place your order.

Once your order has been placed an invoice will be emailed to you. We do the final processing once the paid amount reflects in one of our bank accounts.

If you have any related queries please feel free to contact us.