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How do I set up email accounts in Outlook 2007?

Emails are a very important aspect of every modern business With all the tools out there for managing this vital aspect of business it's important that you know how your email accounts are set up to avoid any email down time.

Although most email clients nowadays have a automation function for setting up emails it's still important for you to be aware of the many functions available when an account is set up.

How Do I Create an Email Forwarder in cPanel?

Setting up a forwarding email address can have a lot of advantages compared to multiple email addresses. In principle it's the same as forwarding an email using Outlook (or any other email client); only that it's done automatically by the server for you.

Forwarding various emails to one address can help you better manage all your email addresses from one account.

How do I open a Gmail account?

Obtaining a Gmail account is extremely easy and totally free! Follow our step by step guide below to open your own gmail account.

Accessing the sign up form

You can access the sign up form by clicking the Gmail option on any of Google's pages with the black user bar on top.

When your on the sign up page, click the red "Sign up for Gmail" button in the top right hand corner.

How do I report SPAM?

Spam is a very serious problem in this day and age especially considering that more than half of all electronic mail is considered unsolicited or junk mail.

Here at Namhost we take spam very seriously, not only because it's unsolicited but it's in fact unlawful and because of this, we have listed a few ways you can help the authorities identify and report spammers.

Identifying spam messages

Before we list some of the options available; I would just like to inform you about a common practice by email marketers.

How do I automatically delete emails from the server?

Why would you delete emails from the server?

The main problem with leaving emails on the mail server is that your daily emails take up necessary storage space required by your website or databases.

To insure that your emails don't consume all of your server storage space, your best option is too have your email client delete the emails that you have already downloaded to your computer automatically.

By following the steps listed below there will be no need for you to clear up old emails from your server any longer.

What is the difference between POP and IMAP?

POP (Post Office Protocol)

POP3 allows you to download copies of your emails to your computer. Any changes you make on your computer will NOT be visible to other users or computers accessing the email account since you are only making changes to the copies on your computer. Therefor, when sending, moving or deleting mails the changes will only be visible on the computer using the POP connection.