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How is support managed on an e-commerce platform?

When we first build an e-commerce solution for clients, they often overlook what will be required of them by their clients once the website is live. Your clients might not be happy with their order or they might want to change an order or some other issue could pop up. All of this will end with them contacting you. If you don't have a rock-solid support system in place, this can become a nightmare.

How does shipping integration work?

With most e-commerce solutions some or other item is ordered at the end of the checkout process. In many cases these items also have to be shipped to clients. We have successfully integrated with Fedex and Dawn Wing in the past. We have been extensively involved in the processes behind the scenes that can become very complex. Integrating with a shipping company requires advanced workflow management on the sellers side. If you loose track of a parcel or can't match up an order, you are going to have many unhappy clients.

What software do you use for E-Commerce?

It really depends on the requirements of the project. Drupal remains our number one weapon of choice and we have been able to implement cost-effective but highly professional e-commerce solutions using Drupal for many years now. We have also implemented pure PHP e-commerce solutions and a variety of e-commerce solutions using popular frameworks like Zend and Laravel.

What is 3D Secure?

3-Domain Security - is a new method of security mandated by the Card Associations to enhance the security of online transactions. Mastercard's product is called "SecureCode" and Visa's product is called "Verified by Visa".

The 3D-Secure refers to three domains involved in the security. They are

What does Namhost use to process online payments?

Namhost uses Peach Payments to process credit card payments. Peach Payments supports credit cards and many debit cards.

To pay by credit card, simply click on the link in the invoice email that was sent to you.

The e-mail should contain the invoice and the link opens it in your Internet browser. Once the invoice is open you can easily select "Credit Card / Debit Card" at the top left corner and then proceed to pay by Credit Card / Debit Card.