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Why do we use Drupal?

We have spent the better half of a decade looking for the best software solutions when it comes to web development. After many years of trying Wordpress, Joomla, Typo3, PHPNuke and tons of other CMS solutions, we choose Drupal as our weapon of choice. And it's not that we ruled out frameworks either. We tried Zend, Laravel and Yii before we finally came back to Drupal.

I'm not saying every new website's requirements can be met by Drupal as there are always a variety of factors to take into account when deciding which software solution to use. What I am saying is that to date, most of the problems we have faced, we were able to solve using Drupal. We find Drupal far more versatile than Joomla and Wordpress, but with much faster turnaround times than building using Software Frameworks or with Pure PHP. That is because we find Drupal to be more like a CMS and Programming Framework Hybrid. It allows for extremely advanced features to be implemented very quickly without losing any flexibility to build even more advanced features in the future.

We here at Namhost use Drupal ourselves for several of our own websites, including Namhost.com itself. We use it because we believe that Drupal can produce seriously professional websites that are far more secure than building from the ground up using Pure PHP or even using Frameworks like Laravel and Zend.