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What is a redemption period?

Once a domain name reaches it's expiry date it remains unchanged for about two weeks before going into the redemption period.

The redemption period is a grace period for the current registered owner.

Domain names that fail to be renewed every year will first proceed to an inactive state referred to as the redemption period. The redemption period lasts for 30 days before the domain proceeds to the deletion phase.

Although no other user can register the specific domain while in redemption, it's unlikely that any user would allow the domain to proceed to redemption because the domain will automatically lose all of the zone information associated with it which would also disable all emails and other data linked to the domain.

Additional renewal costs will also apply when renewing a domain in redemption.

If the domain name is not renewed within the redemption period it will proceed to a 5 day pending deletion phase before it is released to the public.