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What is DNS propagation and how does it affect me?

You just ordered and paid for a new domain name but apparently you can't start using it because of something called DNS Propagation.

According to your service provider you'll have to wait anything from 24 to 48 hours before it's activated (and your're like what's up with that, it's not like they're shipping it to my front door).

Propagation is the term given for the projected length of time it takes for the root name servers and cache records across the entire span of the world wide web to be updated with the added information or records of your shiny new domain name.

These records are what computers use to identify various aspects of www.your-domain.name; one of which is it's IP address, which is the location or address of you data on a computer some where in the real world.

Look at the following image for a better understanding of the process involved for calling a website address:

Why is this important?

Quite simply, if you as a customer request changes to these DNS records, propagation starts all over again because there are new records that need to be overwritten.

This could be one of several changes including transfers from or to new service providers, record changes or even domain renewals; taking the previously mentioned case as an example, if your domain has expired it means the records of that particular domain has been removed from the root or original name server and therefore need to be recreated.

For any information regarding DNS changes on your accounts please contact us by sending an email to helpdesk@Namhost.com.