How does a domain transfer work?

A domain can either be transferred to Namhost from another web host, or it can be transferred away from Namhost to another web host.

Transferring to Namhost from another web host

In order to transfer a domain to Namhost, the following must happen in the specified sequence:

  1. Send an e-mail to your current web host
  2. Request the EPP code from them. An EPP code is an authorization code required by us to complete the transfer.
  3. Ask them to unlock the domain
  4. Place an order for the transfer of the domain. If you place your order, please be sure to specify that you want a transfer and not a new registration and be sure to include the EPP code obtained from the previous host.

Transferring away from Namhost to another web host:

  1. Contact us and request the EPP code of the domain name as well as for us to unlock it.
  2. Once you receive the EPP code from us send this information to the new web host.

Note: Please be sure to use the account holder's e-mail address to request this information.