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Writing good copy is about captivating your target market and making them want to read more. Without captivating copy, you might be left with an attractive website, but you won't get your message across. That is why we use a variety of different copywriters to help our clients have copy that aches to be read, but at the same time, copy that search engines will understand. 

Our Media House

Our main information distribution point is our Namibian blog, OurNamibia.com as well as our South African blog, Howl.co.za. The website acts as a simple but very effective outlet for news and information in Namibia. We use this portal as a highly effective way to tell Namibians about our clients. We avoid spammy content and go out of our way to find copywriters that not only write well, but write seriously interesting content that appeals to the African population. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It's important to write copy in a manner that will appeal to Search Engines. That said, your typical qualified copywriter is no longer someone that just knows how to write well, but also people that have a technical background and understand the importance of targeting the right keywords to expose your business to search engines in the correct way. We know how to do that without generating spammy content that do more harm than good.

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