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Online competitions are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Anyone with internet connectivity (fixed or mobile) can take part in and win prizes through online competitions. Online competitions can use mediums like websites, social networks, flyers, SMS marketing and newsletters (mailing lists) to reach a huge amount of existing and potential clients/customers.

Whether you are planning a simple sweepstakes or a fully fledged ongoing competitions website, Namhost has the tools, expertise and experience to put together and manage and them for you.

We pride ourself in being able to provide clients with all aspects of an online competition - Logo and Corporate Identity Design, Website and/or Landing Page setup, Social Page creation and management, Print Media design and distribution, SMS Marketing, Custom Competition Software, etc.

Namhost has run a number of very successful competition campaigns for ourselves and our clients over the past few years. So if you want your roll-out, promotion, product launch, etc to stand out, get in contact so we can discuss an online competition for your company.