We now have a completely custom and fully integrated chat solution built into Not only is this chat more secure than ever before, it also boasts a variety of new features that makes it easier than ever before to assist you!
Sorry, no one from Namhost is currently available to talk!
Our chat support normally operates during the following times:
9AM to 5PM (+2UTC), Mondays to Fridays, excluding Namibian public holidays.
But don't despair! There are still other ways to get help!

What is chat?

Chat is your direct connection to Namhost. Sometimes an e-mail to the helpdesk is not enough. You want assistance right now! Our online chat service is exactly that. By simply opening in your browser, you can see if someone from Namhost is online and instantly chat to us!

Is online chat 24/7?

The online chat service is available from 9AM to 5PM, +2UTC, all business days. You can see if we are online right now by looking to the bottom right of your screen. If we are not online, you can leave us a message and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Why can I not just phone you?

You are welcome to call us, but we have found online chat to be far more effective. Not only can we help more clients at the same time, but often it saves you the extra phone call charges. Not to mention all the many other benefits, such as more easily copying and pasting a password. Can you imagine reading this password over the phone: *hfh!liaA?

Is your chat secure?

We use a high-end SSL certificate to ensure privacy, while at the same time we are committed to being GDPR Compliant. This means we take security and privacy extremely seriously, and that includes the information from chat sessions!