An Insanely Simple Reminder System


I've made it a habit to "email myself" when I need to remember things. The problem with this is that the message I send to myself is often only applicable later. This means that sending the e-mail immediately will result in it being at the bottom of my inbox by the end of the day, eerily creeping towards that "vanishing" point where e-mails are considered too old to even be worth investigating. 

So the question is: how can this very useful reminder system of mine be improved? Luckily the guys at created a terrific solution that adds an element to the equation that makes this a million times better.

How does Work?

While previously I would simply send an e-mail to myself, the difference now is that I send the e-mail to, but I specify a date in the e-mail address which ultimtely determines when the e-mail gets sent back to me. Here are a few examples:

  • Dentist Appointment Friday at 2 o'clock? Send an e-mail to
  • Fetch Laundry anytime tomorrow? Send an e-mail to
  • Read an article sometime next month? Send the link to

This is great because it becomes particularly useful if a client asks to be notified in 3 months or even a year. Then you can send mail to:


If you know that a specific e-mail is not going to be useful for a long time, you can simply forward it to a e-mail address and you can be rest assured, the reminder will come your way. You even get a notification to tell you that the reminder was scheduled and you can log into if you wish to see what reminders you have scheduled.

For more information on how it works, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions Section.

I also highly recommend watching their short intro video:

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