Finding and Advertising Job Opportunities in Namibia

Our lives are in a constant change and although not all changes are planned, some can be dealt with more easily than others.

Take your company for example; what would you do if you are short on staff in a particular department?
In most cases people in this scenario would advertise the position in the local news paper, but this has several disadvantages of which cost is the largest one.

Luckily specializes in providing the public with a bulletin board of various job opportunities where you as a business owner can list your vacancies, absolutely free of charge!

They're not just any bulletin board...

Advertising vacancies couldn't be simpler. You are required to simply register on the website (and if your already logged into Facebook registering is a click away) and then follow a simple wizard to get your vacancy listed.

They go the extra mile by not only making your vacancy available on their website but also posting it on Facebook and Twitter. They also frequently send out a newsletter listing all vacancies! You can see they are serious about the quality of their ads because they review ads on occasion for quality and legality.

Looking for a job?

Catering not only to business owners but also to the individual; you can upload your CV to your profile allowing you to send your CV straight to the business who listed the vacancy in the first place. It uses a system they call One click application, meaning you can apply with one click.

Overall they keep you in the loop through their daily newsletter and weekly reports posted on their blog.

If you ever find yourself in a situation why not make use of this professional online service.


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