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The Internet: empowering the individual

Gone are the days when the main stream and governmental media corporations reigned supreme. The internet and the social networks have taken over. It is the complete empowerment to the individual. No longer do we need to get spoon fed and brainwashed by a few. Now it is up to you to choose what you want to learn, want to see, want to explore. And there is something for everyone on the web, you just need to find it. (ok, there is also a lot of cr*p on the net aswell)

Life is and always will be a peoples’ game, in every single way.  Every project, every success, every dream and even every failure results from the interactions between people. With the help of the internet the ease of interaction with more and even international people from all over the world has increased drastically. A quick google search reveals the contact details of anyone in the world, the CEO of this company, the marketing director of that organization, etc. You get the point. The whole world has just gotten a bit smaller.

Base Jumping

So in order to realize your idea or dream, you first of all need to follow it, have faith, courage, and never back down, but you also need the help and interaction with the right people. However, it has become easier to find the right people. It has also become easier to paint a picture about someone by looking at his website, Facebook profile, photos, previously accomplished projects, videos and other links. This can be good and can be bad. Good if you have an awesome website, awesome pictures and it looks like you are having a blast in life. Bad if it’s the opposite.... Which means that in order to be successful in these times, and you rely on the marketing of your idea via the www, it is very important what your digital media presentation looks like. If you have an awesome project, but a crappy website, you are more than likely to hit resistance along the way.

Base Jumping

My buddy Nicholas Louw and me, are in the process of hosting an adventure roadtrip through Namibia and South Africa. We are inviting 6 people (skydivers and B.A.S.E. jumpers) from all over the world to join us on this mad roadtrip, which includes the awesomeness of travelling, a ton of skydiving, some BASE jumping and a whole lot of other crazy stuff. The trip is called Footloose in Africa, check it out at and tell us what you think.

We have put in a lot of effort to create the website, so that we can attract people from all over and that they have faith in the project and one can immediately get a feel for what the trip is about. Without the internet, this project would almost be impossible to pull off, and so far the worldwide feedback has been very positive. Ok but I have to admit, that to create awareness for your site is a mission in itself. Don’t expect to have a massive amount of hits on your site just because it looks great.

Base Jumping

But this is where Nico Lourens and Ardi Cotzee from Namhost Internet Services can help you and can tell you all about getting that part down, it’s their area of expertise. Their domain hosting is also superb, professional and quick. Keep it up guys.

As for our designer, a very big thank you for hooking us up with this mad artwork. You are a genius.

I wish all of you awesome holidays, and a successful start to the year. Make use of the internet, keep on dreaming and don’t let anybody keep you from following your dreams.


5 Usefull jQuery Plugins for Your Website

Our team of experienced and talented web designers have the skills and ability to give your web site that special touch by using any of these 5 nifty jQuery techniques:

1. jQuery lightBox Plugin

jQuery Techniques in Web Design



Lightweight simplicity overlays the image on the current page while darkening the background and without slowing down the page's load time. This plugin is simple yet elegant, giving your page a more professional look. It is a no-hassle, unobtrusive web design technique that many users enjoy.

2. jQuery Suckerfish Plugin

jQuery Techniques in Web Design


The Suckerfish plugin creates drop down menus, much like the DTHL drop down menus that were coded with large amounts of javascript, easily corruptible and not always compatible with all browsers. The major difference is that the Suckerfish plugin is much smaller in size, more easily modified and cross-browser compatible. The design is aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

3. jQZoom

jQuery Techniques in Web Design



The jQZoom plugin helps you utilize smaller spaces when you have large images to display. It is a tool that allows you to magnify any image as you hover your cursor over it. The script can be modified for a number of different zoom effects such as standard, standard with thumbnails (as shown above), reverse, drag, inner and more.

4. jQuery Cycle Plugin

jQuery Techniques in Web Design



The jQuery Cycle plugin creates a slide show effect using an order of consistent components that are not limited to only images. The coding allows for customization of transitional effects from one slide to the next. You can display more content in a smaller space while still being stylish and visibly pleasing.

5. Orbit jQuery Image Slider Plugin

jQuery Techniques in Web Design



The Orbit jQuery plugin allows you to create sliding images with multiple customizable elements for each individual slide. This powerful tool can display a larger amount of content while taking up around only 4 kb of space.

Feel free to request a quote from our team of web designers here!


5 Simple Website Design Tips

Designing your own website is becoming much easier. There are now plenty of Content Management Systems available, such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, to be able to do everything without having to know the code. The trick is to know the best ways to design a good website, which will have people coming back for more. Here are 5 simple tips that anyone can follow.

Tip #1: Know What Your Website Is About

The first thing that you should do with web design is know what your website will be about. Are you setting up a business website or is this a personal online calling card? This will determine the basic design of your site as well as the amount of pages that you will need.

Take your time to decide on your needs for your website before you start designing. A home page is required for all types of sites, but you will also need to determine other pages that you need – do you need a gallery for photos? Do you need a shop for your products on sale?

Tip #2: Avoid Distractions

While you may think that the animated banners at the top of the screen work well and show off your talents, there are high chances that they will be distracting to your viewers. You want to avoid anything that could turn people off, including bright colors and scrolling text.

Tip #3: Don’t Use Popup Windows

When you go to a website, do you get annoyed at popup window? There are high chances that the answer is yes, which mean that others will be annoyed at popup windows. So, do not use them on your own website!

Tip #4: Make Your Menu Easy-to-use

When it comes to navigating around your website, you need to make sure that the website design is simple and user friendly. Avoid having different menus on different pages and lots of different extra pages. Keep everything simple with just one menu bar that leads to what the titles say so. This will help your users find exactly what they want.

Make sure that this menu is available on every page and that it is always possible to get back to the home page.

Tip #5: Keep Your Images a Reasonable Size

People hate the horizontal scroll bar and this is usually created due to images being too large. Another problem with large images is that they take a long time to load up. To make it much easier for your vistors, consider the image size in your website design. Keep them reasonable so that anybody can load them at a reasonable time – no matter how slow their connection is.


100 Ways to Submit your blog / website / rss feed and get more backlinks

The purpose of this blog post is to create a resource where you can easily submit your site to directories and search engines. There aren't 100 just yet, but this will increase over time.

Current total ways: 3 (Last updated: 12 Dec 2011)

RSS Submission

Search Engine Submission

Online Directory

Blog Submission









5 Types Of Internet Scams To Look Out For

1.  Phishing

A phishing scam is when a scammer dupes the unsuspecting victim into divulging their personal information such as passwords, social security numbers, account numbers and more, without even realizing they have done so.  The victim believes that they are in contact with the legitimate company or organization that the information may pertain to.  This commonly happens when the victim receives an email from a company that visibly looks official asking for them to authenticate their information.  Most companies will never ask you to do such a thing through email, and if you have any doubts, contact the company directly and make sure to refrain from downloading or viewing any attachments or clicking any of the links they provide.

2.  Identity Theft

There are countless ways a scammer can steal your identity over the internet.  Using multiple methods they obtain your personal information such as your name, birthday, birthday, social security number, bank account, passwords etc.  The scammer then uses this information to falsely obtain loans or make purchases with no intention of payment.  They walk away with the goods and still you with the bill.  Be careful when using your personal information online by making sure the sites are verified and secured.

3.  Malware/URL Shortener Scam

The term malware originates from the combination of “mal” meaning “malicious” and “ware” meaning “software”.  Malware attempts to change or disrupt a computer, essentially infecting it with a harmful virus.  Scammers will use url shorteners like to create a shorter url that forwards you to a site whose url is most often long and full of gibberish.  Once the user clicks the shortened url they are taken to the website that automatically attempts to infect the computer.  Not all shortened urls take you to sites with malware, so always make sure to be careful when clicking them when they are supplied to you from sources you aren't familiar with. 

4.  Money Transfer Fraud

This scam can present itself in many ways.  It may appear as someone claiming you've won a lottery from foreign countries or a long lost relative you've never heard of has passed away, leaving you a large inheritance.  The promise of it is that there is a large sum of money for you to claim, but the catch is that you have to pay for processing, handling, taxes or any other number of excuses.  The reward is usually hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and requires a few thousand to be paid upfront to cover the other party's costs.  The victim happily sends the money, eager to get their prize.  They end up sadly disappointed when they realize that the scammer is gone and so is all of their  money.  Be wary of anyone asking you to give them money. to pay you.

5.  Pyramid Schemes

There are many forms of pyramid schemes, but the end result is all the same.  The victim looses all of their investment.  The scammer suggests that the victim make an investment in some hot new product that just mhit the market.  They sign the contract agreeing to purchase a number of the items up front, and enroll in an automatic plan to receive more each month regardless if any of the previous products have even sold.  The quotas are impossible to keep up with, so the victim ends up spending tons of money investing, hoping for huge profits.  Instead they end up with empty wallets and load of overpriced junk that nobody even needs or wants.

Just be careful with how you use your personal information online.  If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.




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