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Lets be adults about this.

The sex industry is a multi-billion dollar business and the may reason why there are so may complications and morale issues surrounding the business when it come to the Internet.

Googling the word "sex" yields around 3,5 billion results on various topics which may not always be suitable for under eighteens.

While Google and other search engines in the industry try to protect their users from accessing the negative aspects of sexually related content by offering their services with a type of safe modeem (enabled by default), it doesn't always prevent under eighteens from accessing these types of websites due to the wide spread of various content available.

The .xxx name is inspired by the former MPAA and BBFC "X" rating, now commonly applied to pornographic movies as "XXX".

The .xxx domain extension was proposed as one tool for sexually explicit material to solve to major issues. Dealing with the conflict between those who wish to provide and access such material through the Internet, and those who wish to prevent access to it.

"Every .xxx site is automatically given a child protection label, and browsers can be set to automatically filter those sites out." - Stuart Lawley, the founder and CEO of ICM Registry

For securing your brand

Perhaps you'd like to create an adult entertainment website and by using a .xxx domain extension you can be sure that you target your market audience without be criticized as a spammer or marketing to an inappropriate audience.

Your business can use the right channels and grow as any other.

Protecting your reputation.

The .xxx domain extension also hold great value to those that wish to separate their business from sexually explicit material by registering domain names associated to there company or brands and blocking these domain names.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a .XXX domain, you've come to the right place.

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