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You are not a Web Designer if...

With this article I wish to simply educate the public on what it means to be a web designer. These are just my opinions, so please feel free to disagree and add more points in the comments section of this page.

You are not a web designer if...

  1. you don't know what GIF, PNG or JPEG is
  2. you don't know where to apply GIFs, PNGs or JPEGs
  3. you don't know the difference between HTML and XHTML
  4. you don't know what a pixel is
  5. you don't keep screen sizes in mind when designing
  6. you never code
  7. you use Dreamweaver for coding
  8. you don't know what a mockup is or wireframes are
  9. you only use Photoshop
  10. you know no alternative to Photoshop
  11. you don't know the difference between RGB and CMYK
  12. you don't know what DPI stands for
  13. you don't know the optimum DPI for web images
  14. you don’t know the difference between vector and raster
  15. you don’t know what image formats are
  16. you don't test your websites on at least Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
  17. you don't know what SEO is
  18. you don't know what a CMS is
  19. you don't know what CSS is
  20. you only use inline CSS
  21. you don’t know anything about typography
  22. you don't know the difference between serif and sans-serif
  23. you don't know what web safe fonts are
  24. you don't know what web safe colors are
  25. you’ve never heard about W3C
  26. you don't know that website colors play a big role in conversion rates
  27. you don't use Google Analytics

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