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Stellenbosch gets Free Wi-Fi

I remember internet access at varsity costing R 1.00 ZAR per Megabyte, with a minimum top-up of R 100.00. That was a lot of money to a student back then, especially if you had to cough up the cash when you'd rather be spending it on socialising or something else. It's for this reason, that I won't deny that I got a little green with envy, when I read the Bandwidth Blog's today.

Yes, Stellenbosch gets free wifi. And not when... tomorrow!

It's capped at 500 Mb a day, which is actually surprisingly much for a free service. This will, without a doubt, lead the way to what might become something seen more frequently in South Africa. It would only be beneficial to South Africa if Universities could offer free internet to students. Not to mention if they can provide internet access to rural areas and the rest of the country.

The other main benefit of course is that instantly makes Stellenbosch a potential information hub. This will definitely attract entrepeneurs, IT geeks and more. Namhost will definitely be keeping an eye on this to see what new business wil come from this, and more importantly, what selling potential this new market will provide. [Stay tuned for a follow up.]



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